Why is it important for children in other countries to learn English?

For various reasons, being able to speak English is becoming more and more vital to achieve success in a increasingly globalized world.

It is the second most widely spoken language in the world, with estimates of over one billion English speakers, either as their first or second language.

It is the global language of communication. Not only economically, either; English is the dominant language of the Internet as well.

Academically, the leading institutions of higher learning are in the West, and most academic publications across a range of fields are in English. Most English speaking countries require students to pass a basic English test before they can receive student visas.

English is necessary in any global business work, as English is the “language of business”, or the “lingua franca”. Most travel and tourism industries around the world are English speaking. Speaking English can greatly increase one’s chance of gaining employment in the fields of travel, international business, translation, science and medicine, and law enforcement, among other careers. English can be used as a tool to help escape difficult circumstances by increasing one’s chances for employment and travel outside their home country.