What is the responsibility of a volunteer?

Teaching volunteers have the amazing opportunity of traveling the world, but more importantly the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many. Volunteers are given the chance to teach English to students all over the world, participate in athletics, music, and arts, while being exposed to new and diverse cultures. Volunteers are also active in the community in which they teach, helping with community projects and bettering the lives of people there. All our volunteers have special abilities; it is their job to use these to improve the lives of students and others in less fortunate communities. Volunteers are provided with a safe and affordable summer alternative to be active in the world, to change and improve the standard of life for all.

That’s what we do. On your end, currently you are responsible for the purchase of your plane ticket. However, we have lots of ways to help. Ask us.Once you arrive in the counrty, it is your job to relay the best qualities about where we come from. It is also your job to be engaged and excited in the instruction experience. ETA4 volunteers are mature, responsible, and energetic. Are you these things? Volunteer.

Domestic Volunteers have an equally important job. The comfort of staying at home, combined with the concept of being an agent for positive change in the world is the idea behind domestic volunteering. Vital to the program’s success, it is these individuals that raise awareness about the program, help organize fundraising events, sell merchandise, and work directly with the ETA4 Board on how to improve methods of awareness.