U.S./International Volunteer FAQ

Please see below for common questions potential volunteers ask us.  The purpose of this page is to give you all of the information you need prior to applying to be an ETA4 volunteer.

Who can apply to be U.S./International volunteers?

U.S./International volunteers are required to be native English speakers or non-native speakers with high English proficiency.

I am currently living in an English speaking country but I am not a native speaker. Am I still eligible?

Again, non-native speakers are welcomed to apply given that you’re highly proficient in English!

What commitments are required of me as a U.S./International volunteer?

Besides the 6 week program, what else do I have to do?

In addition to the 6 weeks abroad (which includes 1 week of training and 5 weeks of teaching), volunteers are expected to attend monthly training and learning workshops online, beginning in March 2018.  Volunteers are also expected to participate in local and online fundraising, marketing and outreach activities.

What if I can’t commit the full 6 weeks to the program?

I really want to volunteer and help out, but work/school is in the way. Help!

Applicants who are unable to commit the entire 6 weeks to the summer program can always apply for a Volunteer Assistant (VA) position and be considered on a case by case basis. You can learn more about what a VA does here. If you are applying for a VA position, please add a note in your application letting us know.

As a U.S./International volunteer, what is included in the program and what do I have to pay for?

As an ETA4 volunteer, the following expenses are covered during your trip:

1. Accommodations

  • Hotel room (40 days to be shared between 2-3 volunteers)
  • Water (filtered gallon of water)
  • Laundry (weekly stipend)


2. Two (2) meals a day, five (5) days a week

  • Typically breakfast and lunch, Monday through Friday


3. Supplies for your classroom

  • Art (paper, paint, scissors, crayons, chalk, erasers, etc.)
  • Athletic (sport balls, hula hoops, jump rope, games, etc.)


Note: Please make sure to check our inventory before buying new supplies!

Volunteers have the option to be reimbursed for supplies they’ve purchased individually from the section mentioned above


What ETA4 volunteers are responsible for:

1. Your plane ticket(s) from your country of origin to the location of the camp in Vietnam (although we can help with this by helping you fundraise - just ask us!)

2. Your transportation while in-country

  • Transportation to and from the airport
    • A taxi ride in Hue to and from the airport should cost ~$11
  • Daily transportation in and around Hue (from hotel to school and vice versa, etc.)
    • Motorbike rental (~$80 for 6 weeks → ~$2/day)
      • Semi-automatic motorbike
      • Automatic motorbike


3. Costs for food and activities in your free time

  • Weekdays nights (leisure, dinner)
  • Weekends
  • Before/after the program


4. Miscellaneous

  • Speakers (a must for playing music and videos)
  • American sports equipment not available in Vietnam
    • American footballs, nerf balls, frisbees, etc.

What is the average cost for a U.S./International volunteer?

Below are some of the average costs you can expect to pay as an ETA4 volunteer:

Plane travel to camp location: $1200 - $1500
In-country food: $150
In-country transportation: $150
Extra activities (travel, souvenirs, etc.): $200 - $400

Remember, your room, board and weekday food are paid for by ETA4 as part of the program.

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