Vision & Mission


In the summer of 2008, Chris and Victor traveled to Hue, Vietnam to participate in a summer teaching program. For a 5 week period, they interacted with students, their families, and their communities, gaining an immense appreciation for the diversity and wonder of a foreign culture. However, they also realized that their creative skills were underutilized while teaching, and so desired to create a completely comprehensive curriculum, using every possible approach to create the ultimate English learning experience. They also came to the conclusion that doing sustainable, life changing community work could be done during their time abroad.

It was out of this concept that ETA4 came to fruition. By combining comprehensive English instruction with sustainable, plausible community work, ETA4 will positively impact the lives of hundreds of students, their families, and their communities around the world, creating and promoting international goodwill and understanding.

In the summer of 2009, Victor and eight other volunteers traveled to Hue, Vietnam to begin their annual summer program there. In the summer of 2010, ETA4 had 29 volunteers travel to 3 different locations. In 2011, 21 volunteers went to 3 different locations, instructing over 1200 students that summer alone. In 2012, 9 ETA4 volunteers returned to Hue to instruct over 1000 students. 2013 saw a new program in Duc Linh, and 2014 expanded on both the Duc Linh and Hue programs, instructing over 1700 students in 2014 alone.  You can read more about these on the programs page.

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Since 2009, ETA4 has held 14 programs in 5 locations, serving over 10,000 students.


Since 2008, ETA4 has followed one simple goal: cross-cultural connection. Through our standard English programs and volunteer trips, ETA4 strives to connect volunteers with cultures and people, allowing them to impact the lives of others while discovering themselves. It is with that goal in mind that drives the development of the programs in Vietnam and Taiwan. What the founders of ETA4 discovered during their time abroad was that by allowing for more diversity in teaching methods and using a variety of mediums to convey lessons to their students, the response was much more positive. Students paid better attention, became more involved, and generally enjoyed their time in the classroom more.

ETA4 uses this concept of a diverse curriculum to create a well-rounded learning environment for the student. We have divided the curriculum into three distinct, yet overlapping sections to maintain this diversity: Academics, Athletics, and Arts. ETA4 is different; with ETA4, there is no “set” curriculum for day-to-day activities. Each teacher is given a large database of activities, games, worksheets, songs, plays, movies, and lessons, but it is up to them how they utilize their resources. It is this flexibility that allows the teachers to use their individual gifts as well as the creativity that makes each teacher special. Our teachers are not robots, and we don’t want them to be. Each class, and the lesson plan that the teacher will come up with, is specifically tailored to that teachers teaching style, creating a positive and successful learning environment for the student.


  1. To make the difficult task of learning English more accessible, exciting and rewarding by using a variety of mediums.
  2. To expose students to different cultures through various mediums while being instructed in English.
  3. To instruct the students that the internet is a vital tool and how to use its powers to enhance English education.
  4. To use student input to design debates specifically tailored to develop critical thinking, which will give students the chance to utilize the English they have learned in school but are unable to apply due to lack of opportunity.
  5. To teach the students that learning a new language can be an enjoyable experience.
  6. To expose volunteers to new cultures, increasing their worldview as globalized citizens.
  7. To increase the quality of life for students by positively enhancing their education
  8. To increase students’ ability to be successful in a world that uses English as the international language of business by preparing them for the TOEFL exam, allowing them to travel and study abroad.
  9. To give students a no-cost opportunity to enhance their education, eliminating the need for special tutoring or instruction.
  10. Using art to enhance the spirit, athletics to enhance the body, and academics to enhance the mind, giving students a comprehensive English learning experience.


  1. Every student, regardless of social position, should have access to learning.
  2. Learning English is vital to the success of students who reside in a globalized world.
  3. Promoting international understanding and goodwill can be achieved through interactions between volunteers and students.


Our mission is to promote international goodwill and understanding by enhancing students’ English education through a variety of mediums, including music, art, and athletics, as well as traditional English instruction, allowing the student to have a no-cost, well rounded and ultimately successful learning experience.

Our volunteers are not only teaching English but are active in the community where they are located. This includes community projects, improving living conditions for those in the community, and interacting and establishing relationships with the people and the land.