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$200.00 raised
GOAL: $350.00

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This year marks ETA4'S 10TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! My fellow admins and I have been working very diligently all year to make this program the best one yet. If you know me, then hearing about ETA4 around this time of year comes as no surprise by now.

Volunteering with ETA4 for the past 3 years has truly become such an important part of my life. Being able to witness the community that is created through this organization is such a unique experience. Everyday is filled with the laughter of children, teenagers, and adults alike, who are all gathered together for the purpose of expanding their minds and knowledge (in the intense heat of the summer in Hue!). Our students have the unique experience of learning English through cross cultural exposure, as well as athletics and the arts. In just 5 weeks, we are able to see our students (numbering 500+ every year) grow immensely in this positive environment. 

Through ETA4, the memories and experiences I've had is invaluable. I've had the privilege of meeting so many interesting students with a passion for learning, as well as connecting with the city my grandparents grew up in and meeting some of my best friends. I've gained so much from this program and I strive to give as much back to the students and the community. As I sit in my family's house in Hue typing this, I grow more and more excited for this summer's program! I've come back a bit early this year to decompress from my final year in college and to help out with the finishing touches before we begin classes next month (AHH!!!). 

I've set my goal at $350 and ask you all to please help me reach it! Any amount is much appreciated. The proceeds will go 100% toward classroom supplies (i.e. paper, chalk, markers, etc.), rental fees for classrooms and equipment, water for students, and other supplies for special events like our various sports days, talent show, and prom! Our program is entirely funded through donations, so our fundraising campaigns are vital and contribute to making the program as fun as possible!