What does ETA4 stand for?

ETA4 stands for English Through Academics, Athletics, and the Arts Abroad.

What is the purpose of ETA4?


It’s all about cross-cultural connection. Through their interactions with students, ETA4 volunteers create a bond that overcomes distance and borders. Read our mission, principles, and goals.

Why is it important for children in other countries to learn English?

For various reasons, being able to speak English is becoming more and more vital to achieve success in a increasingly globalized world.

It is the second most widely spoken language in the world, with estimates of over one billion English speakers, either as their first or second language.

It is the global language of communication. Not only economically, either; English is the dominant language of the Internet as well.

Academically, the leading institutions of higher learning are in the West, and most academic publications across a range of fields are in English. Most English speaking countries require students to pass a basic English test before they can receive student visas.

English is necessary in any global business work, as English is the “language of business”, or the “lingua franca”. Most travel and tourism industries around the world are English speaking. Speaking English can greatly increase one’s chance of gaining employment in the fields of travel, international business, translation, science and medicine, and law enforcement, among other careers. English can be used as a tool to help escape difficult circumstances by increasing one’s chances for employment and travel outside their home country.

What does the ETA4 curriculum involve?

ETA4′s brings a diverse curriculum to the table, to keep students interested and excited to learn English. This is the reason ETA4 incorporates athletics and the arts, such as music, which takes a well-rounded and more enjoyable approach to learning. A student may learn words that begin with the letter “T” one day, work on writing a simple song the next, and the following day be playing basketball. It is this diverse environment of learning that motivates the student to learn and keeps them involved throughout the program’s duration.

How are the volunteer projects determined?

The volunteer projects each summer are determined by people on the ground in those locations whose job it is to discover immediate need projects as well as long term projects in which the volunteers will participate.

How do I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved with ETA4. One of the simplest things to do is to like our page on facebook. To apply to become a volunteer, visit the volunteer page, and to contribute financially or otherwise, visit the donate page.

How much does the trip cost?

This is the coolest thing about the ETA4 program. Volunteering for the summer is FREE. 5 weeks in a foreign country, teaching English, for free. How is this possible? Check out the volunteer page to find out. 

How long is the program?

There are two parts to the program, teaching and volunteer projects. A typical ETA4 program is 5 weeks in length.

Where will I stay while teaching?

ETA4 volunteers are housed in safe, quality rooms near the schools or youth centers where the classrooms are located. These rooms are provided for you free of cost. Depending on the region, this may be a hotel, a boarding school, or a guest house.


How many students will be in my class?

The typical ETA4 program will have 8-10 teachers instructing 25-35 students per class. You will be teaching on your own; however, there will be someone there whose job it is to assist you with anything you may need. If there are too many children to fit in your classroom, the program may be divided up into morning and afternoon sessions to accommodate as many students as possible.

What is the responsibility of a volunteer?

Teaching volunteers have the amazing opportunity of traveling the world, but more importantly the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many. Volunteers are given the chance to teach English to students all over the world, participate in athletics, music, and arts, while being exposed to new and diverse cultures. Volunteers are also active in the community in which they teach, helping with community projects and bettering the lives of people there. All our volunteers have special abilities; it is their job to use these to improve the lives of students and others in less fortunate communities. Volunteers are provided with a safe and affordable summer alternative to be active in the world, to change and improve the standard of life for all.

That’s what we do. On your end, currently you are responsible for the purchase of your plane ticket. However, we have lots of ways to help. Ask us.Once you arrive in the counrty, it is your job to relay the best qualities about where we come from. It is also your job to be engaged and excited in the instruction experience. ETA4 volunteers are mature, responsible, and energetic. Are you these things? Volunteer.

Domestic Volunteers have an equally important job. The comfort of staying at home, combined with the concept of being an agent for positive change in the world is the idea behind domestic volunteering. Vital to the program’s success, it is these individuals that raise awareness about the program, help organize fundraising events, sell merchandise, and work directly with the ETA4 Board on how to improve methods of awareness.

Do I need to speak the language of the country to be a volunteer?

No! There are positions available for those who only speak English.

Where are some of ETA4′s future locations?

Currently, ETA4 has programs in Vietnam, and is currently looking to return to Taiwan as well as expand to South Korea, South Africa, India and Latin America.