ETA4's First Veggie Grill Fundraiser!

Whoohoo! On November 15th, ETA4 had our first ever Veggie Grill Fundraiser at Westfield UTC in La Jolla, California. Our morning started off with chilly overcast weather - very uncharacteristic of San Diego's fall season. Fortunately, ETA4 friends and family proved to be AMAZING troopers! By the time 11 AM rolled around, we had 6 early attendees waiting right by the door!


Some of our early event attendees! These kind gents were waiting right by the door before the restaurant opened!






Throughout the day, friends and family trickled in to say hello and dine with us. The weather didn't get any warmer, but that didn't stop our LA friends from driving down to join us!




Curious restaurant guests stopped by to learn more about our org, friends who couldn't stay came and ordered take out to show their support while others who could not attend our event made thoughtful donations ($220 total!). Many friends even stayed until the very end of our event just to hang out! Everyone had a WONDERFUL time and our event was a success.











Results from our fundraiser!

Minimum Event Attendees Required: 40
Total ETA4 Event Attendees: 72

Minimum Event Sales Required for ETA4 to earn proceeds: $200
Total Sales from ETA4 Event Attendees: $880

With a minimum requirement of $200 made through event sales, Veggie Grill promises to give 50% of all fundraiser guests' sales to ETA4. Which means.....

Total ETA4 Proceeds Earned: $440


WOW. :) What a turnout! We would like to thank everyone who came out to support our event, especially to those who drove down from LA. It was a long drive, but you made it! Special thanks goes out to our friends, Rachel Tunnill and Johanna Renfro, for helping us bring this event to life since Day 1. Veggie Grill - San Jose, we're coming for you! Stay tuned for updates!


For pictures from our event, check out our Facebook page!