ETA4 2019 Announcement

Dear ETA4 students, friends, and family,

For over 10 years, ETA4’s singular purpose was to create cross-cultural connection between students and volunteers through a summer English camp. In that time, ETA4 has instructed over 11,000 students across 15 different camps, and interacted and connected with an even greater number of community members. Since the beginning, ETA4 has been 100% reliant on the hard work, dedication, commitment and effort of an all-volunteer staff to run every aspect of the program.

Over the last year, the ETA4 administrative team members have been in a period of transition. Our country director in Vietnam, Ngoc Nguyen, received a full scholarship to get her master’s degree in Europe; our administrators in the United States graduated from college and began careers; and many of our administrators in Vietnam pursued academic or professional paths in Vietnam and around the world. We are extremely proud of our administrative team (and all of our volunteers, and all of our students) for achieving these milestones.

All of this transition, along our inability to identify replacements for our highly dedicated team members in Vietnam, which would otherwise allow us to manage the development of the program from abroad, leads to why I am composing this letter: unfortunately, for the first time in over a decade, ETA4 will not be hosting a summer camp in 2019. We are extremely disappointed to make this announcement. Hundreds of students look forward to their ETA4 experience each summer, and we regret we will not be able to provide it to them.

However, with every disappointment, there is opportunity. Our work here in the United States has not stopped, and we are actively in the planning stages to bring the program back in 2020.

The first major initiative on this path is to use our relationships in the community to support other local organizations in Hue city who are doing amazing things. Both Trang and Victor will be in Hue for two weeks in July (10 July to 24 July) to support local projects and offer financial assistance on behalf of ETA4.

Additionally, ETA4 is actively recruiting for part-time, paid staff to support our operations in Vietnam and provide stability and sustainability to our summer programs. We hope to have two part-time staff hired by August 2019 to begin planning for summer 2020.

Finally, we are evaluating every aspect of our program – length, time, content, delivery, volunteer recruitment, and administration – to ensure that 2020 is the greatest ETA4 camp that ever was, until the 2021 camp of course.

Our commitment to the Hue community remains steadfast, and our promise is to return in 2020 and for many years beyond.

As always, thank you for supporting us, working with us, having fun with us, and growing with us. If you have any questions or would like to help, you can always reach out on our website, .

Onward and upward, always!

Victor Wilson