2018 Applications are Open!


Every summer, we bring local volunteers, and volunteers from abroad together to Hue, Viet Nam to organize an English summer camp for local students & campers. We put an emphasis on athletics, arts, and social awareness, apart from traditional academic elements, in order to have a well-rounded English education that has a net positive impact on the local community.
For this coming year, we are looking for 16 - 20 U.S./international volunteers and 16 - 20 Vietnamese volunteers to help us facilitate the greatest program of ours to date!
If you are in to experience a fun, rewarding, and meaningful summer with ETA4, apply today to volunteer with us!
U.S./International volunteers are required to be English native speakers or non-native speakers with high English proficiency. Vietnamese volunteers are required to be residents of Hue, Viet Nam who are fluent in English. Vietnamese residents outside of Hue who want to volunteer can apply, however, selection will be based on accommodation arrangement & availability on a case to case basis.

Volunteer expectations include:
1. Attending monthly online workshops
2. Participation in all fundraising, promotional and outreach activities (including our online fundraising campaign)
3. Volunteer commitment in Viet Nam from June 23rd through August 5th (dates include traveling)
For more information regarding the requirements and expectations of our volunteers, click here.
For all frequently asked questions, click here
Please note that all applications are due by February 15th, 2018 - or until closed.