2018 Program


ETA4 is short for English Through Academics, Athletics, and the Arts Abroad. As a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, our mission is to create a unique educational environment that fosters diversity, curiosity, and creativity whose impact lasts far beyond the scope of the program. To achieve this mission, we operate annual English Summer Camps & English events in underprivileged communities. ETA4 provides a unique learning experience because we implement non-conventional teaching practices and activities that incorporate athletics and art into our curriculum. We have a passion for social justice and try our best to introduce our students to a wide variety of topics including environmental pollution, sexual education, sexuality, discrimination, gender and more during our Social Awareness Week. Our biggest and only operation location this year is in Hue, Viet Nam.

The general timeline for the year is as follows:

Jan - Feb    Volunteer Recruitment
Feb - May    Online Training; Fundraising events; Outreach events; Program Planning
Jun - Aug    On-Site training; Summer Camp

This year, ETA4 Camps are operating for six (6) weeks from June 23 to August 5.

Week 1 On-Site Training
Weeks 2-6
  • Camps run from Mondays through Fridays (8 - 11 AM; 2 - 5 PM), including special events every Friday (i.e. Mini Olympics, Talent Shows)
  • Weekly conversation nights (7 - 8:30 PM)


This year, ETA4 is restructuring our program introducing two Camps targeting two different populations. Kids' Camp is designed to cater toward students age 5-10. It will focus on outdoor physical activities and art while exposing students to English as a second language. Our aim is to facilitate latent learning while being creative and having fun.

Summer Camp, on the other hand, targets students ages 11+. This camp will have a heavier emphasis on lesson content while still encouraging athletics and the arts. The curriculum includes conventional English lesson plans as well as non-conventional content, such as cultural exchange and social justice issues. It also allows space for volunteers to be creative and facilitate topics which are of their interest and strengths.

ETA4 is currently accepting applications for the summer 2018 programs.  Join us and help make a difference.

Are you from Viet Nam?  Apply here.

Are you from the US or outside of Viet Nam?  Apply here.