2018 Alumni Pledge Drive

What: A one-day, all-out ETA4 Alumni Pledge Drive to kick off the 2018 Online Fundraising Campaign!  All money raised during this pledge drive (and during the campaign) supports the 2018 summer camp in Hue, Vietnam.

Who: ETA4 Alumni!  And your friends, and their friends.... :)

When: a 24-hour period starting Saturday, March 31 @ midnight.

Please use the form below to make your pledge!  On the day of the drive, return to this page to make your donation!

In addition to participating in the pledge drive, you can support ETA4 every month of the year!  Want to make a recurring donation, right now? Set up my recurring donation.

Who's pledging

$535.00 pledged

How much will you pledge to donate on 12:00 AM PDT on March 31 2018?

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