2015 Volunteer Superstars

Hue, Vietnam




I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, San Diego, while also being an active student-athlete and fraternity man. What I really want to do while I have the time and freedom to do so, is visit as many places I can and really broaden my perspective. I’ve spent my entire life in Southern California, and really want to humble myself and take my passion for teaching and mentoring to regions where I am able to learn as much as I am able to teach. ETA4 has given me this opportunity, and I look forward to meeting all of you!




First thing’s first, Michelline is the realist. Former Netflix binger, ice cream connoisseur, and coffee expert, ETA4 will be her transition into the adult world of work and responsibilities - specifically, I will be working at a software company on the coast of California. I will also be wrapping up a BA in Mathematics from UC Santa Barbara just before the start of the program. Traveling to Vietnam has been my dream since the beginning of time (so expect lots of happy tears), and this will be my first time traveling out of US. I am super excited to join ETA4 this year and hope that my students will learn and enjoy this summer as much as I know I will!




Born and raised in Fresno, CA where I earned my first AA and BS degree before moving to San Jose, CA. I have worked in the Security / Loss Prevention / Private Investigation field for over 7 years traveling all over CA. I have and still serve with the US Army and have done training with the Marines as well. Last summer, I chose to volunteer with ETA4 to teach as well as learn from my experience; to give back to the world and further the unity of it. My experience was great and I cannot wait to come back this year!




My name is Zach. I just graduated from University of Oregon and have been backpacking around Asia since. I love camping and the outdoors. My dream one day is to to live in a hut on top of a mountain. In teaching this summer, I hope to immerse myself in the Vietnamese culture and enlighten young minds while teaching!




Xin Chao! My name is Stephen and I am from Fort Worth, Texas. I am a student at the University of Texas at Arlington and I am studying Linguistics, Spanish and TESOL. I am also a Soldier in the United States Army Reserve. I want to travel the world and represent my country. I am very patriotic and I am proud to be an American and a Texan! I am also passionate about my ambitions and goals. I previously taught English as a Foreign Language in Valencia, Venezuela back in 2012. It was my first time working as an EFL Instructor and the beginning of my TESOL career. I look forward to my time in Vietnam and doing something positive for humanity!


Duc Linh, Vietnam



Thien (Mo Mo)

My name's Thien, but you can also call me MoMo ( or MaMa as some ppl call me). I am now a junior in major Chinese language. I love learning languages, which is why I'm trying to learn as many languages as I can. I like travelling, exploring, volunteering, singing, dancing, playing sports and tons of other activities :D. Just like last two summers volunteering for ETA4 in Duc Linh, for this year I hope to meet more friends, and of course keep improving my English from them but the most important thing is I hope I could help the kids feel interesting in learning English and get better day by day, having precious time with them through learning and social activities. Can't wait for more! I'm ready for this summer. 2) I am a funny, sociable, resposible person. I always desire to learn languages like English, especially the American slang :D. I am a wholehearted teacher and player also lol. 3) I love taking pictures/selfie with everyone, especial with my kids/class.




My name is Tu Nguyen. I can describe myself as being ambitious and honest. I feel that ETA4 will be a very fun and unique experience for me. This would be a precious memory that I can look back on in the future. I would want to leave a positive impression on the people I meet this summer. I hope I can help and inspire them to be able to expand their horizons. I am very excited to be volunteering for ETA4.




Hi There! My name is Tien. Three descriptions that I can say about myself is I am optimistic, free-spirited, and I love to learn. I really enjoy meeting new people and taking the time to learn about them because what is life without those around you. I am very adaptive to change, where I always like to be confronted with new challenges. I feel that I will learn more from my students while having the best opportunity of teaching them. I am more than excited to be volunteering this summer in ETA4 at Duc Linh.




My name is Alé and what I’m most looking forward to is to teach about my own culture through language. I'm also eager to learn a lot from Vietnam as well. I LOVE traveling and going on adventures too! I work with kids and teach them about all types of programs like arts and sciences. My goals is to be able to make an impact in the lives of people I meet. I’m excited and happy to be joining ETA4. Woohoo!




Hey y’all, I’m Hoang. This will be my second year as a volunteer teacher in Duc Linh. I am very thrilled to be coming back, I am hoping for another perfect summer this time around as well. I really learned that the sky is the limit, so I’m a guy that loves to take on the world and try new things and have adventures. ETA4 has really helped shape me into becoming a better student. I can’t wait to meet my new students and those of the previous year as well.




Hi everyone! My name is Tin and I will be a volunteer assistant for ETA4 - at both camps this summer! If I were to describe myself, I would have to say that I am a sporty guy; very active; love sports. Besides playing sports, I love traveling and eating food from different cultures. I am very outgoing - so I am always looking forward to meeting everyone! I have many hopes and dreams. I dream of becoming a NBA player -or traveling around the world as a job. What I am looking forward to doing the most this summer is the opportunity to blend myself into the Vietnamese culture and the people, to help make small changes in society in whatever ways that I can, and I hope to meet new friends and have a lot of fun! I know it will be an amazing experience and I cannot wait till June 29th!