What We Do

Since 2008, ETA4 has followed one simple goal: cross-cultural connection. Through our standard English programs and volunteer trips, ETA4 strives to connect volunteers with cultures and people, allowing them to impact the lives of others while discovering themselves. It is with that goal in mind that drives the development of the programs in Vietnam and Taiwan. What the founders of ETA4 discovered during their time abroad was that by allowing for more diversity in teaching methods and using a variety of mediums to convey lessons to their students, the response was much more positive. Students paid better attention, became more involved, and generally enjoyed their time in the classroom more.

ETA4 uses this concept of a diverse curriculum to create a well-rounded learning environment for the student. We have divided the curriculum into three distinct, yet overlapping sections to maintain this diversity: Academics, Athletics, and Arts. ETA4 is different; with ETA4, there is no “set” curriculum for day-to-day activities. Each teacher is given a large database of activities, games, worksheets, songs, plays, movies, and lessons, but it is up to them how they utilize their resources. It is this flexibility that allows the teachers to use their individual gifts as well as the creativity that makes each teacher special. Our teachers are not robots, and we don’t want them to be. Each class, and the lesson plan that the teacher will come up with, is specifically tailored to that teachers teaching style, creating a positive and successful learning environment for the student.