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My name is Vu, but it's easier to call me Andy as an English name.
I used to be an ETA4 student for 3 years before joining volunteer squad since 2016. Every summer, we teach English to everyone in Hue, Vietnam with no cost, regardless of age, gender, social status. As I mentioned, before applying to be a volunteer, I also joined as a student, so I understand how awesome and amazing it is. ETA4 has really big impacts not only in my life but also in tons of people in Hue who have considered ETA4 as a real family. So far, we couldn't speak anything with a foreigner, or even just speak some basic sentences that we've learned and repeated every day in school. ETA4 makes the difference!
However, not only teaching English, we use it as a tool to convey our messages about bigger things in life, and people here stay together as a community to find out who they are and what they need to do for their lives, for their country, for Mother Earth, so on. We need your support to help us continue our mission!!