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Hi Everyone!

My name is Trang (like "CHOO-CHOO Train") and I am ETA4's Volunteer Coordinator!

I've been volunteering with ETA4 since 2012 and I can't even begin to say how absolutely wonderful my journey abroad has been.  It doesn't matter how far apart we live from others around the world, and it certainly doesn't matter how different we are from one another -- as people, our ability to learn, grow, love and connect with each other are some of life's greatest gifts!  Through ETA4's mission and work, volunteers and students alike are all able to encompass and embrace this interpersonal, cross-cultural connectivity in every way possible.

I LOVE what we do, I LOVE the communities and people with whom we work with, and I absolutely LOVE knowing that my heart can only grow bigger as I continue my work with ETA4.  

This year, I will be returning to Viet Nam to teach English for my 6th time! Support my team and our efforts by helping me raise the funds for our 2017 program.  You can donate, and/or, help me spread the word about fundraising!

OR, you can make it interesting and start your own fundraising campaign - to race against ME! ;)

Thank you so much in advance for thinking of me and our students.  Onwards and upwards, my friends! 

Questions?  Feel free to contact me at trangbui05@gmail.com .